Potential Super Bowl Matchups Ranked

Going into Divisional Weekend, there are 8 teams who still have a chance to hoist the Lombardi on February 2nd. With those 8 teams comes 16 Super Bowl matchup possibilities. Each matchup presents a unique set of storylines, some juicy, and some that the people at Fox are asking they never see when they say their bedtimes prayers. With Brady, and Brees both unexpectedly knocked out in the Wild Card round, all of the potential old man vs young buck Super Bowl storylines that make network executives salivate went out the window. The Super Bowl is still the Super Bowl no matter which two teams are on the field that day, but lets not pretend we wouldn’t rather see one matchup over another. Here are the 16 potential Super Bowl matchups ranked from the #16th least fun game to the this might be the best Super Bowl ever #1.

#16. vs

Somebody has to be last and this matchup just doesn’t have much to offer as a pair. A-A-Ron getting back to another Super Bowl is the lead story.

#15. vs

Deshaun Watson in his first Super Bowl vs Kirt Dirt in Miami. 15.

#14. vs

Deshaun Watson would have to live up to the “Michael Jordan” comparison Dabo Swinney gave him to first take down the Chiefs, then most likely the Ravens, and then 49ers to win a championship. This Super Bowl matchup would be all about Deshaun.

#13. vs

J.J. Watt plays in his first Super Bowl against the team he grew up watching and rooting for.

#12. vs

I gave this matchup the nod over the previous 4 because Derrick Henry vs Marshawn Lynch would be an all time great RB duel. Call it the Angry Run Bowl.

#11. vs

A sneaky good uniform matchup and a rematch of Super Bowl 4 exactly 50 years later. Can Kirk Cousins keep up with Patrick Mahomes to keep the Vikings in the game instead of getting beat down like they did in their previous 4 Super Bowl losses?

#10. vs

Can the little ol 9-7 #6 seed Tennessee Titans beat the Patriots, Ravens, Chiefs, and then 49ers to go on one of the most unlikely Super Bowl runs in NFL history? Cinderella Baby!

#9. vs

Can the “Can’t Win The Big Game” Vikings beat the Saints, 49ers, Packers or Seahawks, and then the Ravens to go on one of the most unlikely runs in NFL history and secure the Vikings first ever Super Bowl victory? Storybook Ending!?

#8. vs

Two number #6 seeds take down all the giants only to come face to face. The only thing that stands in the way of their first Super Bowl as franchises is each other.

#7. vs

Anytime you have Russel Wilson in a big game you know its going to be good. Add Deshaun Watson to that equation and you have magic.

#6. vs

There are no Brady and Brees left, but AAron Rodgers is getting up there in age. Can he take down the young league MVP to reclaim his throne as King.

#5. vs

Not a good uniform matchup, too much Red as Dave Dameshek would say, but Patrick Mahomes vs the 49ers defense would be a treat.

#4. vs

No longer the Harbaugh Bowl, but you can never go wrong with two #1 seeds playing 60 minutes of championship football.

#3. vs

Can you find two more entertaining Quarterbacks than Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson to battle each other in Miami for all the marbles.

#2. vs

Yes you can actually. Its called Lamar Jackson vs Russell Wilson.

#1. vs

This is where it all started. Fifty-four years ago, the Packers and the Chiefs lined up against each other in the first ever NFL Championship between the AFL and NFL, also known as Super Bowl I. Now in the 100th year of existence, the NFL puts on a show that goes back to its roots, with two classic teams giving all their heart and soul for a chance to be called champions. Not to mention you have the two most accurate, lethal arms in the league in Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers going head to head. Please let this happen.


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