These All-American Bowl Players All Have 1 Thing In Common

A custom of mine is to always start Wild Card Weekend off with a little pre-football football, by getting a glimpse of the future stars of the league in the All-American Bowl, previously known as the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

Andrew Luck, Adrian Peterson, Odell Beckham Jr., Jalen Ramsey, Christian McCaffrey and Trevor Lawrence are just a small taste of the names in a whole feast of athletes that went on to become stars after playing in this game.

Most media members go to the game to cover which schools players who have yet to declare will be attending, but I go to the game in my hometown of San Antonio with my scouting cap on.

I talk to the players before they transform into the mega-stars that a lot of them will become. I try to learn how much football means to them before their college coaches turn them into media savvy experts, who somehow always say the right thing. I’m looking to get a feel for their true personalities before they are molded into cliche spitting robots.

With that said, here are the players that caught my eyes and ears at the 2020 All-American Bowl, previously sponsored by the U.S. Army.

Noah Sewell

I try to look for the diamonds in the rough instead of just saying that all the five star players stood out. But I can’t help myself with five star athlete Noah Sewell. The guy is an animal. More like an alarmingly large prehistoric animal than a boring modern day earth animal. When I saw him from behind sitting down on the bench, he could have easily passed for an offensive lineman. He runs like a running back when I saw him well….playing running back. Although he is listed as an Inside Linebacker, and most likely that will be the position he plays in college, he took many snaps as an RB in high school. All I can say is I feel so sorry for the poor youths that had to attempt to tackle this “human”. If Jerome Bettis is The Bus, Noah Sewell is The Rig. The Big Rig.

Trey Wedig

It is no coincidence that the Badgers Running Backs are consistently near or at the top of the FBS in rushing. The good people of Wisconsin breed top notch offensive lineman like Snake Island breeds snakes. If Mr. Trey Wedig was snake on Snake Island, he would be the kind of snake you do not dare attempt to step over. A big snake with length and mobility that makes it very difficult for even the most experienced snake handlers to get the best of him. In this case a snake handler equivalent would be pass rusher/#1 ranked prospect in the country Brian Bresee. Trey held his own when matched up with anyone including Bresee. He has a good head on his shoulders and seems ready to work on his craft throughout his college career, helping keep the Wisconsin Badgers at the forefront of war in the trenches.

Gary Bryant Jr.

Wide receivers are usually my favorite position to scout in the All-American Bowl, and this year was no different. He is not related to Kobe, or Dez, but he definitely has the potential to put another Bryant on the map. He is a humble kid, who loves his teammates and is quick to give credit to others. As of late, the USC Trojans have not been up to the standard that the fanbase grew use to over the past 50 years. Gary Bryant Jr. chose the team in his backyard anyways, vowing to help be the answer to a turnaround instead of abandoning them while they are down. I am a big fan of athletes that choose to play at the school closest to home, and now that All-American Bowl week is over I am a fan of Bryant Jr. In the game he showed elite route running, quick burst, and most importantly, reliable hands. Not reliable arms,…..reliable hands. Catching the ball with one’s hands seems to be lost art in this new generation of receivers.

Bryant’s family celebrates his decision to stay in California.

Bryant Jr. is only 5’10, but like Jaylen Waddle of Alabama, my favorite receiver out of this game 2 years ago, he is a dynamic playmaker that Trojan fans can look forward to watching for at least the next 3 years.

He told me his ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl, and if he got to choose his NFL team, he would still stay close to home, and play for the Los Angeles Rams.

These All-American Bowl players all have 1 thing in common. Like their All-American Bowl predecessors, they are NFL bound. See the title wasn’t clickbait.

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