Divisional Playoff Preview: KC @ NE




The Chiefs and Patriots last met in week 4 of 2014 on Monday Night Football. Watch Right Tackle Ryan Harris run right pass Rob Ninkovich to go make 1 of the 2 key blocks. If Ninkovich would have realized a split second sooner that Harris was running past him to go make a block towards the play, then he could of had time to go make the tackle on Charles. The Chiefs execute the play too  fast and too perfect, giving them a 14-0 lead and carrying the momentum they already had even further their way

NAME OF THE GAME: The Football Coaches Football Coach Bowl

Reid and Belichick have been in this league for a long time, and they both have plenty of respect for one another. But Super Bowl 39 is the only time they have played against each other in the post season. They were about as close as you can possibly get to playing each other in the 2013 post season but Reid’s team blew a 31-10 lead at halftime to the Colts in the Wild Card round. If they would have finished that game, they would have played the Patriots in the divisional round as the 5th seed visiting the 2nd seed. The exact same round and seeding that both football teams will meet each other in today. 

Andy got to face off against Bill and the Patriots 4 regular season games later in the 2014 season. That is a game that Bill and Patriots fans will never forget. For the next week after the Chiefs absolutely dominated the Patriots, all anyone heard from the media was that the Patriots are finally done, and that it’s time for Brady to retire. Belichick quickly quieted that story and then won the Super Bowl, but I am certain he wants revenge for the beatdown that he and his football players suffered that Monday Night. I am also even more certain that Reid will never forget how painful it is to lose a Super Bowl, and would love nothing more than to defeat the foe that caused him that pain. Whichever Football Coach gets his Football Players to play together as one Football Team should win The Football Coaches Football Coach Bowl. 

THE BEST STRATEGY WINS: Real Gimp Gronk vs Fake Baby Gronk

Hmmm… Can’t decide which would work better. The actual Gronk at less than 100 percent or fake baby. The answer is neither in this game. With WR Jeremy Maclin out of the game, the Patriots are bound to take Chief’s TE Travis Kelce (Fake Baby) out of the game as well. The Patriots’ defensive game plan is almost always to take away the opposing teams best player.  Rob Gronkowski is either not going to play, not going to play well because of injury, or be taken out through the double teams of the Chiefs  defensive game plan. I do not see either TE making much noise in this game.

Instead the game will come down to being able to run the ball for the Chiefs and Julian Edelman or another WR being able to step up for the Patriots. Lets take a look at how each team does their respective feat best.

The Chiefs put up 138 rushing yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 5th best run defense of 2015.

The play calls for Julian Edelman usually don’t rely on Brady throwing a perfectly timed pass, but instead rely on Julian and another Patriots receiver perfectly executing various forms of pick plays.  Five weeks before his injury against the Giants in week 10, Edelman put up 120 receiving yards against the 5th ranked passing defense Dallas Cowboys.

AND THE WINNER IS: NE Patriots 23 -KC Chiefs 17

The Chiefs are definitely going to make the Patriots earn this one. I can see the Chiefs going into the 4th quarter with a 17-13 lead, and Tom Brady proving yet again why he is the best in the game by driving his team down the field late in the game down by 1 point, and hitting the so far very quiet Gronk for his 3rd reception and only Touchdown on the day. 


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