Why everyone in America should be rooting for the Jets to beat the Patriots?

The playoffs are almost upon us. You know what that means. It’s time for everyone to become Jets fans!!!???? Well at least for Week 16… If the Jets beat the Patriots, we could be given a magnificent slate of Week 17 match-ups, including a match-up with implications like no match-up has ever had before. A game that is not only win or go home, but win and get the #1 seed, lose and go home to retire. Lets countdown the best playoff scenarios but start with the Jets beating the Patriots because it is too good to wait for….

RACE FOR THE AFC PLAYOFFS (game favorites in red)

1.      If the NY JETS beat the NE PATRIOTS and lets say the


the PIT STEELERS beat the BAL RAVENS and let’s start with

   the DEN BRONCOS beating the CIN BENGALS

THEN in Week 17 if

the NY JETS beat the BUF BILLS

the MIA DOLPHINS beat the NE PATRIOTS (slightly optional)


the PIT STEELERS beat the CLE BROWNS and

the KC CHIEFS boatrace the OAK RAIDERS

THEN WE WILL BE SET UP FOR a historic  4:25 Eastern, 3:25 Central, 2:25 Mountain, 1:25 Pacific time game between…(60 minutes will follow the game everywhere but the West Coast)……………………………

THE SAN DIEGO CHARGERS and the DENVER BRONCOS!!!!!  And oh yeah if the Broncos win they will be the #1 seed in the AFC playoffs!!!! If they lose it won’t really hurt them too bad, they just won’t make the playoffs at all…… Imagine if Peyton Manning was playing a game with the two outcomes being win and get the #1 seed, versus a loss which would eliminate the Broncos from the playoffs entirely, sending Manning home to most likely retire. As you can see above, most of the teams that need to win for this awesome game to happen are the heavy favorites, except for the Jets vs Patriots. Even if the Patriots were to beat the Dolphins in week 17, we would still get the same scenario, except the Broncos would be playing for the #2 seed instead of the #1. 

The first picture is the final playoff seeding with the above circumstances and Denver beating San Diego. The second is the same situation, but if San Diego were to win there last game against the Broncos, which very well could be there last game as the SAN DIEGO Chargers, before the highly probable possibility that they are relocated to L.A. Considering it is also a division game against a hated rival, the Chargers will have lots to play for.


               Either way New England still gets a bye game of course, they are the Patriots. That’s now in the rule-book listed right in-between the catch rule and the extra linemen reporting as eligible rule. New England can make up for all the deflating ball torture they put us football fans through who just wanted to talk about football, if they can just make our week 17 lives way more interesting by taking one for the league, and giving this game to the Jets in some sort of sneaky Bill Belichick fashion. We will get to the Jets again in just a moment but first lets go over the implications of Week 17 if the Broncos do not take care of business against the Bengals in Week 16, a very likely outcome.


and the rest of the aforementioned Week 16 and 17 games winners stay the same(Even if pats beat dolphins)


A meaningless game between the CHARGERS AND BRONCOS, because the CHIEFS would have already clinched the division and the BRONCOS would already be eliminated, unless the CHIEFS lost their game to the RAIDERS, then DENVER would still have a win and in situation against the CHARGERS but for the 3rd seed instead. I don’t think the CHIEFS are going to blow that game, with it being played in the comfortable confines of Arrowhead Stadium, therefore we really need the Jets to bust out the Fitzmagic and the Broncos to truly welcome A.J. McCarron to the NFL with a sackathon of some sort. If this comes to fruition by Monday night, then we can expect our week 17 game slate to be as tasty as a big stack of fluffy, golden, warm, syrupy, buttermilk pancakes in the morning. The professor enjoys his pancakes. 

5. If the HOU TEXANS win one of their last two games and

the COLTS lose one of their last two games, then

they will host either the BRONCOS, STEELERS, CHIEFS, JETS, or BENGALS. Let’s hope it’s the BENGALS and that T.J. Yates can give Brandon Weeden a few pointers. It will most likely be the STEELERS or the CHIEFS, but you know they are hoping it’s the BENGALS.

4. If the HOU TEXANS lose to the TEN TITANS and

           the JAX JAGUARS beat the NO SAINTS

        and then in week 17

        the HOU TEXANS lose to the JAX JAGUARS

THEN the JAGUARS will make the playoffs if the COLTS lose to the TITANS in Week 17. If the COLTS beat the TITANS, then Andrew Luck and the COLTS will have a shot at the tournament, most likely hoping that they play the BENGALS.

3. If the NE PATRIOTS beat the NY JETS (then the world will keep spinning….but damn) and

   the KC CHIEFS beat the CLE BROWNS

   the PIT STEELERS beat the BAL RAVENS 


THEN the poor NEW YORK FOOTBALL JETS would be eliminated from playoff contention and the BRONCOS would not have to worry about making the playoffs, only whether they would be the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, or 6th seed.

Now if the CIN BENGALS beat the DEN BRONCOS

THEN the only way the NY JETS can still make the playoffs is if they beat the BUF BILLS in Week 17 and the BRONCOS lose to the CHARGERS.

If the JETS cannot beat the NE PATRIOTS, then they need either the BRONCOS, CHIEFS, OR STEELERS to lose their last two games, and still beat the BUF BILLS in week 17.


2.      DID YOU THINK I WAS GOING TO LEAVE OUT THE NFC? Well YOU thought right. Or wrong depending what on you thought.

The NFC Playoff Picture is a bit less complicated. If the CAR PANTHERS beat the ATL FALCONS in Week 16, then 5 out of the 6 teams will have the clinched the playoffs including the PANTHERS at the #1 seed, the CARDINALS most likely at the #2 seed. GREEN BAY, MINNESOTA and SEATTLE would make up the #3, #5, and #6 seeds, with the winner of the NFC East taking the 4 spot. If the WAS REDSKINS beat the PHI EAGLES on Thursday Night Football: Saturday Night Edition, then the Redskins will be locked into the #4 spot. Make sure you use the hashtag #4Skins when they capture that feat. 

Read the upcoming post for the best possible playoff matchups and the super bowl the professor would like to see most



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